Awarded to

New Vice President - James Carter

20 May 2020

Following the appointment of former Vice President, Jan Turbill to Chief Commissioner, James Carter has been elected Vice President from now until the AGM in August. Congratulations James!


Our Chief Commissioner's address re COVID-19 addresses

24 Apr 2020

Listen to our Chief Commissioner, Jan Turbill lead you through our plans to be a stronger organisation on the other side of COVID-19


Scouting From Home

14 Apr 2020

Find out how you can join Scouting, share in some of our awesome activities or discover what your friends have been raving about.


Scouts SA appoints it's 19th Chief Commissioner

02 Apr 2020

Welcome Jan, Farewell Harry! Scouts SA is proud to announce Jan Turbill has been appointed as our 19th Chief Commissioner. Jan succeeds Harry Long who has devoted his life to Scouting and education and has served as our Chief for the last 5 years.


The adventure continues!

10 Dec 2019

Do you have the post AJ2019 Blues? There is plenty of adventure still to be found!


Within the Scout Group

Maybe twice a year, the Group will try to raise funds through the parents of the members.

This will be something sent home with the member with explanatory documentation. It likely to be for the sale of a box of items, a book of Group raffle tickets or promoting a deal with some supplier of goods (like wine, chocolates, etc) where that supplier has offered the Group a portion of the price of all goods purchased through the Group.

The Group Support Committee has found this method requires a lot of Group effort for a fairly low return. It also unfairly puts an extra load on the members' parents. For this reason, this method of fund raising will only be used when there is a good price incentive for parents to participate and the return to the Group is worth the effort.